If you bought a home in 2018 that serves as your primary residence, now is the time to complete your Homestead Exemption paperwork.  This process can be done online, so you do not need to pay an outside company to handle it for you.

You only have to file it once, as the exemption will remain with you as long as you live on the property.  

The window to submit this exemption is January 1st to April 30th.

Click the link below for the Online exemption form in your county.

Williamson: https://www.wcad.org/exemptions-2/

Travis: https://www.traviscad.org/eservices/

Bell:  http://www.bellcad.org/ (go to the Forms tab, as this one is not available online and must be printed/submitted by mail.

As always, SVRE is just a short call away.  Give us a buzz if you have any questions.

(512) 277-SVRE